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Hello, World!

This is a mobile game (for Android only) that I have started working on in July. It is still very much in its early stages, so you can expect it to change a lot. I have been working on it for around 2 weeks now, but have only just decided to upload a demo and start a devlog. Please leave feedback, it is very much appreciated and will be considered while developing the game further. Constructive criticism is welcome! Also feel free to donate as much as you wish to financially support me and my project :)


Current app version: 0.2.6

To download the Android app

Open this web page in a browser on your phone, then click download.

Version Log

0.0.16 - core gameplay, spawning, simple menu, beginnings of currency system

0.1.6 - fixed touch controls bug, added game over screen, added colour themes

0.1.7 - added button to switch colour themes

0.1.8 - added new 3d coin model, fixed coin spawning, added animation to menu, disabled colour theme button while game is playing

0.2.4 - removed coins, replaced with powerups! updated UI quite a bit, added score finally! (including a high score system) added a bunch of new colour themes (see devlog post for more details on all of these changes)

0.2.5 - better spacing for game over screen, bigger hitbox for switches, smoothed jittery movement, added scrolling texture, slightly better UI for powerups, will be improved on later

0.2.6 - Added placeholder music and 1 sound effect to work with a new settings panel!


SwitchRun0.2.6.apk 28 MB

Development log