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Hi Cactus, I would like to possibly integrate and purchase this title into our casual gaming platform, Mineski Games. Please feel free to email me on Thanks!

Pretty good game :D

The only thing I can say is add more shapes

Thanks! :)

Yup, I probably will in the mobile game :)

Great Job, my high score was 200 :3

Thanks! :D Haha well done :)

With minor adjustments, your game could be very playable on WebGL mobile. Just needs to allow tapping shape for shifting

Yup, I will be developing this game into an Android game which will be released on the Google Play Store and be downloadable on here.

Great little game. A little feedback from getting the right or wrong shape would make it that smidge better.


Thanks! :D

Yup, I agree, but I was kinda running out of time and it was really late :P I'll be sure to add that in the mobile version though! ;)

Beatiful game. Complex, simple and well made. Noticeably that this isn't your first game.


Thank you so much! :) I'm very glad you liked it so much

A fun game! But it feels like a mobile game.  It's so simple but it's fun at the same time! :)

Thanks! :D Yeah I'm considering making at a mobile game as well on the Google Play Store :P Thank you so much! :) That's what I was going for :P

If you release this on mobile I guarantee I will play it again.

Wow, thanks! When I do it will only be available for Android though. Thanks for your support!

np also I only use android though because ios is awkward

Haha great! I'll let you know when it comes out, probably in a while :P

Also I love the space / shift as sticky key messed me up first time so bad lol

Haha yea :P

Very super hexagon, love it. Great work for only ten hours :) Only got 280, it speeds up quite fast compared to super hexagon.

Sound doesn't seem to be looping.

Thanks! :D

Ok, thanks for the tip, I'll try and fix that soon!

Really interesting idea! Nice minimalistic visuals. Only one problem: sometimes I get sticky keys. I liked it

Thanks! :)

Yes other people have been having that problem as well, I'll add another key so it doesn't have to be shift.

Nice :)