NOTE: If sticky keys keeps bothering you, you can also use the spacebar instead of shift

Hello, World!

This is my submission to the Weekly Game Jam - Week 140. The theme was "Shapeshift", so I made a game where you change shape by pressing the shift key. It is inspired by Super Hexagon, but quite different. this game was made in around 10 hours, as it took me a while to come up with a worthwhile idea for the jam, but I'm still very proud of this simple game and hope you enjoy playing it!

Font used: Sen

Music: Magnum by Rondo Brothers, found on the YouTube Audio Library


I am working on a mobile version of this, which will be available for Android phones both here and on the Google Play Store! Stay tuned for more :)

Try version 0.8.0 of Shapeshift for Android here on! Simply open this page on your Android phone and click "Download". First make sure to enable downloading from other apps in your settings, a pop-up should appear if you attempt to download this before enabling it. Please leave feedback on this! It's still a work in progress :)


Shapeshift.apk 28 MB


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Hi Cactus, I would like to possibly integrate and purchase this title into our casual gaming platform, Mineski Games. Please feel free to email me on Thanks!

Pretty good game :D

The only thing I can say is add more shapes

Thanks! :)

Yup, I probably will in the mobile game :)

Great Job, my high score was 200 :3

Thanks! :D Haha well done :)

With minor adjustments, your game could be very playable on WebGL mobile. Just needs to allow tapping shape for shifting

Yup, I will be developing this game into an Android game which will be released on the Google Play Store and be downloadable on here.

Great little game. A little feedback from getting the right or wrong shape would make it that smidge better.


Thanks! :D

Yup, I agree, but I was kinda running out of time and it was really late :P I'll be sure to add that in the mobile version though! ;)

Beatiful game. Complex, simple and well made. Noticeably that this isn't your first game.


Thank you so much! :) I'm very glad you liked it so much

A fun game! But it feels like a mobile game.  It's so simple but it's fun at the same time! :)

Thanks! :D Yeah I'm considering making at a mobile game as well on the Google Play Store :P Thank you so much! :) That's what I was going for :P

If you release this on mobile I guarantee I will play it again.

Wow, thanks! When I do it will only be available for Android though. Thanks for your support!

np also I only use android though because ios is awkward

Haha great! I'll let you know when it comes out, probably in a while :P

Also I love the space / shift as sticky key messed me up first time so bad lol

Haha yea :P

Very super hexagon, love it. Great work for only ten hours :) Only got 280, it speeds up quite fast compared to super hexagon.

Sound doesn't seem to be looping.

Thanks! :D

Ok, thanks for the tip, I'll try and fix that soon!

Really interesting idea! Nice minimalistic visuals. Only one problem: sometimes I get sticky keys. I liked it

Thanks! :)

Yes other people have been having that problem as well, I'll add another key so it doesn't have to be shift.

Nice :)