Hello, World! :)

This is my submission to the Brackeys Game Jam #2! This is my second game made with Unity, and my first one submitted to a game jam! I hope you enjoy this game :) I will accept any constructive criticism!


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Cool game, keep it up!

Thanks! :)

Loved the game! A bit simple, but I really enjoyed the art and sounds. Music is quite catchy too, stuck in my head :). Keep up the good work!

I felt a bit like Goblin Slayer, but without the tactical moves and exaggerated gore.

Moreover, if this is your second game you did, then it's not bad. Nevertheless you did not quite match the Game Jam theme. I mean only the backstory fits, but not the game itself. So I probably think that's not enough.

Perhaps add a princess in it to rescue, but if you rescued her it turns out, that she is a goblin, but you loved her anyway. Totally blind love xD

I'm sorry but I don't know that game :P

Thanks :) I knew that too, but I couldn't really come up with much, and after all the point of a jam is to have fun making the game :) Which is did! ;D

Hmm, that would be cool :)

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed my game :)