Hello, World!

This is my submission to the Cactus Game Jam (run by me! :P), with a theme of "Under the Sea".

This game is not supposed to be action-packed, it's just a calm version of mope.io (which is what this game is based on).

Thanks to Sphaericat again for making the music and wonderful art!


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Thanks you for viewing my game :)

I've never experienced any problems with the loading screen... I really am not sure as to what could be causing that...

No, this game is finished and will not recieved any more updates.

I used Unity to make this game.

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This game is really cool, the music is great too! I find these kinds of games really interesting programming-wise. However, the game is very prone to lagging and freezing. Perhaps it's the grass? I notice they accumulate lots of grass overtime, but that's my guess. (It may also because of quirks with the HTML5 build)

Thanks so much! Yes, in fact the lagging is caused by the AI shrimps, crabs, and plankton. I have implemented optimization, but the lag still persists (however far better than it was before). It's mostly caused when two or more AIs are on screen... Anyways, thanks!